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The Relationship Between Salt and Divination: Intersection of Culture and Belief

Salt has long been tied with human beliefs and behaviors, particularly ideals of cleanliness, protection, and mysticism. Salt is important in rituals, ceremonies, divination, and supernatural events across cultures and belief systems. From ancient civilizations to modern spiritual activit...

The Jewelry Makers (early reader book)

When their father is injured on the job, twins Laura and Elizabeth find a way to help their parents financially during the summer months. They make beautiful sea glass jewelry and display it at a jewelry store owned by Agnes, unknown to the girls, a distant cousin to the queen. When Laura and Eli...

Exploring the Symbolic and Spiritual Significance of Salt in Buddhism

Salt has had a profound historical and cultural impact throughout cultures and centuries. Salt has been treasured since ancient times for its capacity to preserve food, increase flavor, and prolong life. Its economic worth has resulted in the formation of trade routes, as well as salt min...

Fantasy 1: Fine Artist 21st Century Art Portfolio


In the early mist ~ the trees disappear whereas ~ we hear the elves laugh


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Healthy Heart Solution Kit Digital - Ebooks

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Salt and Alchemy: The Mystical Relationship from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

The link between salt and alchemy dates back millennia, and it stems from the mystical and symbolic properties that both substances are said to have. Alchemy, an ancient philosophical and proto-scientific tradition, aimed to elevate base elements in order to achieve spiritual enlightenmen...

Temple: Fine Artist 21st Century Art Portfolio


"a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence." Oxford Languages


Ambience: Fine Artist 21st Century Art Portfolio


the character and atmosphere of a place.


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